Thursday, March 11, 2021

70 Year Old Grandmother Does Yoga Daily With This One App



Staying healthy and active as you get older can be hard.  No one wants to wake up too sore and stiff to get out of bed.  But staying active and eating healthy can help keep father time at bay.  That's why we were so happy when we heard from one of our subscribers.  "D" is a 70 year old grandmother of 4 who loves to travel the world (and ski!!!).  When she found herself slowing down, she did her research and reached for MeeZee.  7 minutes a day of yoga keeps her feeling limber and years younger.  So she can keep up with her grandchildren (and her skiing).  "This is great!! 7 minutes! I can do that everyday.  And I don't have to think -- just click on the app and go!!"

Cross Country Skiing

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