Wednesday, March 10, 2021


Psychologists tell us that willpower is a finite quantity, and once we use it up, we have to recharge it before we can apply it to new tasks (source).   This is why habits are so important to build.  If you've ever heard "old habits die hard" then you know what we're talking about.  A habit is something so ingrained that you don't even use willpower to continue it.

Think about what it was like when you were learning to drive.  At first it was stressful.  You had to focus and think about what you were doing.  It required concentration.  It was probably exhausting!  But once you developed the habits of driving, it became second nature and you were even able to multi-task while you drive.  The part of your brain responsible for executive decisions was no longer involved and driving no longer required will-power.

This is why we built MeeZee.  We found ourselves getting up every morning, engaging our executive functions to decide: 

  • What workout to do
  • What YouTube Channel to use
  • How long to work out
  • Am I ready for something new

And so we decided to remove those decisions from our brains and put them into a computer algorithm on our phones. And voila, we could work out every morning with a fresh new workout without having to exert willpower over the choices leading up to the workout.  Now, hey, there's no magic bullet. You still have to choose to work out.  But hopefully with MeeZee it can become a habit.  Push a button, get a workout.  MeeZee makes it easy. 

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